Materials, seals, coatings - ibW systems are individually designed for the industry-specific requirements.
From the barrel agitator to the industrial large-scale plant - ibW develops and builds Agitator technology in every size.


Material can be stirred, mixed, heated or cooled in a gentle, and yet efficient way. Our agitators meet the particularly high hygienic requirements of the food industry.


Our agitators meet the high demands of the cosmetic industry. The consistency of product quality, the level of hygienic standards, as well as the reliable processing of cosmetic products are important factors that our machines ensure.


Paper and pulp products come in different qualities. Our agitators contribute greatly towards successful chemical and mechanical procedures in order to achieve the best possible results.



Beverages and liquid food such as yoghurt, ice cream, and confectionery; can be gently stirred, mixed, heated or cooled in a way that is gentle on the product. ibW agitators meet the particularly high hygienic standards of the food industry.


Agitators are used in the petrochemical industry to emulsify, homogenize, desalt, create suspensions, absorb, alkylate or neutralize. We make specific agitator combinations according to individual requirements


The quality and properties of a chemical product are influenced by the mechanical and thermal processes employed in stirring technology. We optimize this process technologically in order to achieve better results.



The optimal stirring technique aids microorganisms in fermentation, and helps them to efficiently release their metabolic products such as vitamins or enzymes.



In the manufacturing process of paints and varnishes, it is important to mix fillers, pigments, binders, resins and solvents homogeneously with one another. Different agitators are individually employed, depending on the respective process.



In the plastics processing industry agitators are used for emulsifying, absorbing, desalting, homogenizing, suspensions, alkylating or neutralizing.

Depending on each particular requirement, specific agitator combinations can be used.


In the production of pharmaceutical products such as tablets, ointments and other types of medication, it is imperative to have a reliable and an even distribution of the active ingredients.

At ibW, we ensure that no inadmissible temperature transfer takes place during the manufacturing and filling process. Special requirements such as cleanroom procedures and special surface quality of the stirring elements are seriously taken into account.

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